Can I tell you my worst nightmare? It is being trapped on the vitamin and supplement isle at Costco, or worse yet, GNC. And the only thing stinkier than a bottle of rancid fish oil is trying to figure out what fish oil to take. EPA, DHA, Omega 3, and how about K2 and D3? […]

I have touted the benefits of Occam’s Protocol since it was first unleashed upon the world by Tim Ferriss in 2010. To me, Occam’s represented the perfect balance of resistance training and time commitment, in other words it seemed like something I could stick with for a long time. And it has been, I have […]

What is “Pre Hab” and why is it important? Tim claims that the Pre-Hab Chapter in The 4-Hour Body is: The longest and most difficult chapter in the book  and The most important. Pre-Hab is about identifying common imbalances and correcting them to prevent injury. It should be the first step you take before adopting any […]

You can download a full size copy of this slow carb infographic here. Thanks to for this wonderful ingographic on The Slow Carb Diet. You can download and print this infographic here. They also have a wonderful free carb maintenance infographic here.

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Yesterday I received this email message from a reader: I don’t understand your PDF on supplements.  Do you have a very simple daily (on the program and on cheat day) list for 4-hour body? I’ve found a source for AGG and PAGG, but I don’t know when/how to take them on each type of day. What other supplements […]

I have written several blog posts about the doing method and the 15 minute FEMALE orgasm as seen in the 4 Hour Body. Today we are going to cover the male counterpart. The 15 Minute “Male” Orgasm This entire blog-post, including the graphics, are adapted from Nicole Daedones’ wonderful book on the topic of female orgasm: […]

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My Fastlane Roadmap Ever since finishing MJ Demarco’s Book: The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime.  I have developed a laser like focus on escaping my “slowlane” lifestyle. To do this I need a concrete plan! Part of my goal in 2013 is to focus on a few books […]

Here is the official slow carb diet, verbatim from the 4 Hour Body. I have created several cheat sheets in the past, but wanted a bulletproof resource here on the blog for reference. So here you go: The slow carb diet reloaded, version 2013! The Slow Carb Diet Better Fat Loss Through Simplicity 5 simple rules […]

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The end of 2012 resulted in an uptick in patients of mine requesting gastric bypass surgery. A group of extremely well-intentioned, highly motivated individuals for whom attempts at weight loss were met with constant trepidation. Every nutritional and health podcast on iTunes will have you believe that with just the right gut flora, just the […]

This is a companion to my previous post. The 30/30 Rule for Accelerated Fat Loss Directions: Consume 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up!  Do not make any changes to your diet or exercise! How to get 30 Grams of Protein in 10 minutes or less! Some “Real” Food Options: Liquid Egg […]

Become Uberman & Sleep like Da Vinci: The Polyphasic Sleep Cheat Sheet

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Yes, this is supposedly the way that Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, Matt Mullenweg (the developer of WordPress) and a fluctuating list of other legends (including Tim Ferriss) often slept. The catchy theme of the polyphasic sleep concept is that, indeed, if you succeeded in sleeping 3 hours per day instead of the prescribed 8, starting […]

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High Vitamin Butter Oil + Cod Liver Oil: Testosterone and Beyond!

Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend

In the 4-Hour Body Tim has two protocols that include High Vitamin Butter Oil.  He uses this in combination with fermented Cod Liver Oil within his protocol for boosting testosterone. Let’s review really fast: Abbreviated Tippling Testosterone Protocol – 4 Hour Body Protocol #1: Long-Term and Sustained Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil / Fermented Cod […]

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Tim Ferriss Slow Carb Diet: Simple Condensed Patient Handouts & Guides

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A while back I had published a slow-carb diet cheat sheet that I have been using as a patient handout for my Spanish speaking patients.  About 2 months ago I finally made an English version to use as well.  Prior to this we had been using excerpts that I had copied and pasted from original content in […]

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Occam’s Protocol Step by Step plus a New and Improved Cheat Sheet

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Occam’s Protocol: Lifting Workout A Workout B Frequency Feeding Prescriptions Starting Weights/Adding Weights Cheat Sheet  ____________________ WORKOUT A:  (Machine Option) Workout (A) consists of two primary lifts + (optional) abdominal exercises from “six minute Abs” I. Close-Grip Supinated (palms facing you) Pull Down x 7 reps (5/5 count) II. Machine Shoulder Press x 7 reps […]

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4 Hour Body and The Elusive Body Fat: How do you Measure Up?

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Starting a body recomposition program without measurements is like planning a trip without a start address. I guarantee you will regret it later. Don’t fly blind! “Tim Ferriss”  Click to Tweet! Three Simple Steps to Getting Your Measurements: Step I. Take your before circumference measurements. Get a simple tape measure and measure four locations Both […]

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How to get 8 Hours of sleep in just Four Hours!

Four Hour Body Sleep Hacks: Taking 200 micrograms (mcg) of huperzine-A 30 minutes before bed: can increase total REM by 20-30%. Tim uses this for the first few weeks of language acquisition and no more than three days per week to avoid side effects. (side effects = Insomnia as well as many others) take home […]

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Adventures in Tripling Testosterone: The Four Hour Body Sex Machine: Protocol’s Simplified

(Tripling Testosterone Cheat Sheet) Male Checkup – Testosterone Assessment -  ZRT makes both a blood and saliva home testosterone test kit. Protocol #1: Long-Term and Sustained Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil / Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend – Capsules:  2 capsules upon waking and 2 capsules before bed Vitamin D3: 3000 – 5000 IU upon waking and before […]

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The Great Cholesterol HUSTLE PART 1 – Made to Stick

A mixture of misinformation, scientifically questionable studies, corporate greed, and deceptive marketing has conspired to create one of the most indestructible and damaging myths in medical history:

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Current Human Culture: A Thought For 2014 – The Law of Diminishing Returns

  View on YouTube Why is it that we don’t seem to be able to adjust ourselves to the physical environment without destroying it? Why is it that in a way this culture represents in a unique fashion the law of diminishing returns? That our success is a failure. That we are building up – […]

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A 4-Hour Life 2013 Review – Best Books, Passive Income Streams and Escaping The 9-5 Dreams

While I wait for the updated 2014 edition of , deconstruct meta-learning from  and further refine my nutrition and fitness routines as outlined in  I thought I would create a list post breaking down some of the tools, resources and projects that were an important part of 2013. I hope you enjoy, if there are any […]

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The Tim Ferriss Experiment Episode One: 4-Hour Percussion and Mind Over Meter

Is it possible to learn percussion in 4 days well enough to rock it out with the legendary band Foreigner playing an epic song? As a lifelong wannabe guitarist I have to say I was totally excited to see Tim take to the drums in an attempt to deconstruct what for many (including myself) would seem […]

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Seneca Letters From a Stoic – Letter 9: On Philosophy and Friendship

In the 4-Hour Workweek Tim quotes Seneca frequently:  Chapter one “Cautions and Comparisons” These individuals have riches just as we say that we “have a fever,” when really the fever has us. —Seneca (4 B.C.– A.D. 65) Chapter three “Dodging Bullets – Fear-Setting and escaping paralysis” Set aside a certain number of days, during which […]

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High Intensity Weight Training for Seniors – 100 percent increase in as little as six to twelve weeks.

“When I was young I always wondered if old people could do two things: 1. Bend over and touch their toes and 2. have sex.” – Lew Hollander I was lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving 2013 with the worlds oldest Ironman, Lew Hollander. Just last October, Lew finished Kona, the legendary end-of-season Ironman race in […]

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