365 Days of the Four Hour Body: Results and Tracking

by Stephen

On May 2 of 2011 I started a body composition project and a microsite as a way to help track my Four Hour Body journey as well as compare and analyze the physical changes that ones body undergoes utilizing various workouts and dietary regimens. Since that time the site has expanded and we have welcomed several new bloggers who have been generously documenting their journey and making real progress towards reaching their goals. I hope to be posting their photos here in our next update as well. Specifically TC who has really been crushing it Paleo Style, and Zila who is on day 8 of her 4 Hour Body Slow Carb Challenge.

These are the results of myself and my family. Jennifer and Patrick started their program prior to our tracking and have gone on to lose quite a bit of weight. In total,  Jennifer has lost over 110 pounds, and Patrick has lost nearly 70. I am extremely proud of them both.

As for me, quite a bit has changed. My body composition and health are generally much better and my workout routine is automated and simpler.  My knowledge of what is healthy, both in terms of diet and exercise has expanded greatly (and continues to evolve).  This has also translated into better health for my patients, many who have gone on to make real long lasting health changes… I will share more of this with you in the future.

This has been a paradigm shift for me, one that is leading to knew ways of designing health plans that I am truly excited about.

Here are our results from Day 1 through Day 365  (This is designed to be a 3 year project)


(Occam’s Protocol + “slowish” carb + running)


(Slow Carb + Combined Cardio + Calorie Counting)


(Low Fat + Low Carb + P90X)

5-2-2011 (Day 1) 5-2-2011 (Day 1) 5-2-2011 (Day 1)
Stephen-1 Jennifer-Combined1 Pat-Combined
Weight: 162
Body Fat: 15.2%
BMI: 25.7 kCal
BMR: 1716 kCal
Total Inches: 140 Resting HR: 78
Blood Pressure: 128/88
TDEE: 2659
Weight: 243
Body Fat: 43.79%
BMI: 43.04
Total Inches: 179.25
TDEE: 2761 kCal
BMR: 2008 kCal
Weight: 200
Body Fat: 32.8
BMI: 31.32
Total Inches: 158.6
BMR: 1666 kCal
TDEE: 2513 kCal
10-1-2011 (Day 150) 10-1-2011 (Day 150) 10-1-2011 (Day 150)
Stephen-10-1-20011 Jennifer-10-1-2011
Weight: 163
Body Fat %: 15.7
BMI: 25.9
Total Inches: 141.5
Weight: 214
Body Fat %: 39.87
BMI: 36
Weight: 195
Body Fat %: 25.4
BMI: 30
Total Inches: 151
01-22-2012 (Day 210) 01-22-2012 (Day 210) 01-22-2012 (Day 210)
Stephen-Flexing Jennifer-4-Hour-Body-January-2012 Patrick-P90X-January-22-2012-Day-210-Long-Term-Tracking
Weight: 163
Body Fat: 15.9%
BMI: 25.52
Total Inches: 140.25
Weight 197
Body Fat: 28.29
BMI: 33
Weight: 182
Body Fat: 22.1%
BMI: 28

Total Inches: 148.5
5-2-2012 (Day 365) 5-2-2012 (Day 365) 5-2-2012 (Day 365)

Weight 163
Will be measuring in one month
Weight 180 (original 243)
Body Fat: 27.40
BMI: 30
Weight 181
Body Fat: 19.2 (Original 32)
BMI: 27
Supplementation Supplementation Supplementation
  1. ALA 300mg once in morning (source naturals)
  2. Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega: 2 tabs once at night
  3. COQ10: 100mg with fat containing meal (costco brand)
  4. Vitamin D3: 2000IU once at night
  5. Daily MVI: Country Life Max For Men Maxi-Sorb Multi-Vitamins
  1. COQ10 + Nordic Naturals Pro Omega
  2. Alpha Lipoic Acid 100mg once in the morning.
  3. Vitamin D3: 200o IU once in the morning

*2 months

PAGG (2 month supply donated kindly by New Health Solutions)

Awesome data on that will be coming shortly!

  1. COQ10 + Nordic Naturals Pro Omega
  2. Alpha Lipoic Acid 100mg once in the morning.
  3. Vitamin D3: 200o IU once in the morning
  4. Vitamin C (500 mg) once a day


I will make sure to post updates and a bit more analysis of our tracking data both here and at fourhourfit later this week.

Keep up the good work on your 4-Hour Body Journey. Thanks for all the wonderful e-mails this week!


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