Occam’s Protocol + The Slow Carb Diet = a Match Made in Heaven

Are you several weeks or months into the slow carb diet looking to expand your 4-Hour Body repertoire? Maybe you have lost a bit of body fat, are interested in adding muscle mass, experimenting with Tim’s tripling testosterone protocol or 4-Hour Body sleep hacks. It’s time to take the next logical step. Finding Balance in a Sea of Supplements If […]

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Tim Ferriss Prison Day 6: Convict Conditioning: Handstand Pushups – Healthy and Powerful Shoulders

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This is day 6 of our Tim Ferriss prison series where we will finish covering the 6 core movements of Convict Conditioning. Here is a summary of the 6 “Core Movements” with links to what we have covered so far. Pushups Squats Pull Ups Leg Raises Bridges Handstand Pushups Today, we are going to focus on the sixth […]

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Tim Ferriss Prison Day 5: Convict Conditioning – The Bridge (Bulletproof Your Spine)

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What workout would Tim Ferriss do if the feds found “Brain Quicken” to be a scam and sentenced him to 25 years to life? This is day 5 of our Tim Ferriss prison series where we will continue to progress through the 6 core movements of Convict Conditioning. Here is a quick summary of the […]

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Carlsons and Kerrygold – A Better 4-Hour Body Sex Machine Protocol?

Can I tell you my worst nightmare? It is being trapped on the vitamin and supplement isle at Costco, or worse yet, GNC. And the only thing stinkier than a bottle of rancid fish oil is trying to figure out what fish oil to take. EPA, DHA, Omega 3, and how about K2 and D3? […]

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The Great Cholesterol HUSTLE PART 1 – Made to Stick

A mixture of misinformation, scientifically questionable studies, corporate greed, and deceptive marketing has conspired to create one of the most indestructible and damaging myths in medical history:

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Occam’s Protocol and The Slow Carb Diet – Why You Need to Do Both Now!

I have touted the benefits of Occam’s Protocol since it was first unleashed upon the world by Tim Ferriss in 2010. To me, Occam’s represented the perfect balance of resistance training and time commitment, in other words it seemed like something I could stick with for a long time. And it has been, I have […]

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Pre-Hab and The 80/20 Functional Movement Screen (For Dummies)

What is “Pre Hab” and why is it important? Tim claims that the Pre-Hab Chapter in The 4-Hour Body is: The longest and most difficult chapter in the book  and The most important. Pre-Hab is about identifying common imbalances and correcting them to prevent injury. It should be the first step you take before adopting any […]

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Current Human Culture: A Thought For 2014 – The Law of Diminishing Returns

  View on YouTube Why is it that we don’t seem to be able to adjust ourselves to the physical environment without destroying it? Why is it that in a way this culture represents in a unique fashion the law of diminishing returns? That our success is a failure. That we are building up – […]

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A 4-Hour Life 2013 Review – Best Books, Passive Income Streams and Escaping The 9-5 Dreams

While I wait for the updated 2014 edition of , deconstruct meta-learning from  and further refine my nutrition and fitness routines as outlined in  I thought I would create a list post breaking down some of the tools, resources and projects that were an important part of 2013. I hope you enjoy, if there are any […]

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The Ultimate 4-Hour Body Slow Carb Diet Infographic

You can download a full size copy of this slow carb infographic here. Thanks to for this wonderful ingographic on The Slow Carb Diet. You can download and print this infographic here. They also have a wonderful free carb maintenance infographic here.

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