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The Paleolithic Prophecy Places Modern Medicine Behind the 8 Ball!

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I was listening to Robb Wolf’s Podcast last night on my way home from work. If you are not familiar with Robb Wolf you should become familiar with him.  Although I have not yet read his book The Paleo Solution I am becoming ever more entrenched within the complex and fascinating world of biochemical “badasses” such as Robb. This […]

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How to “Die at 80 in a Warm Bed..” Introducing Jay and the New 4 Hour Body Vs. Beachbody Challenge!

Sadly as of 10-1-2011 Jay fell on some hard times and no longer was able to continue with the program. We are hoping he comes back to join us soon! The original blog 4 hour body versus beach body is no more and is now 4-Hour Fit.  Jay wrote me a few weeks ago when […]

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From Freak to Geek: Targeted Ketogenesis, Exercise and the 4 Hour Body Slow Carb Diet

The 4 Hour Body slow-carb diet (despite what many people have said) is, or rather I should say can be, a ketogenic diet. I have documented this many times in my patient population using Tim’s protocols (i.e “The Five Golden Rules”). In the most general terms, a ketogenic diet is any diet that causes ketone […]

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The Slow Carb Cookbook and Some Early Slow Carb Case Studies

Having trouble finding the perfect recipe to curb those carb cravings? Well, Tim himself released a pretty great guide. I have included it here for your reference just in case you missed it when he posted it on his web site. The Slow Carb Cookbook Personally, I have found that eggs are the key ingredient […]

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